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Giedra preformes and  presents her music to various bublic for over  five years. She play‘s with electrick   violin specially made for her. She has played in London, Ryga and on the scenes of Lithuania. Giedra‘s discografia has 4 albums, now she preforms in clubs and presents her newest Djoxy and Giedra‘s project „Absinth“.

Her work has many kind of music styles like: hip-hop, electrohause, minimal.

Journalist Tomas Viluckas ( 2008-11-04)

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Giedra Grybė: "The violin does not speak in words, but it is not necessary"


Already five years since Giedra Grybė is performing and presenting her music in various ways for the public. She plays specially designed and manufactured by the electric violin. Artist is not ashamed of street musician's name, and perform her works for bystanders, she is performed in London, Riga's old town, in city centres of Lithuania. Giedra has the discography of four albums, now she presents her latest Djoxi electronic dance music project  „Absith" in Lithuanian clubs, bars, cafes. Tomas Viluckas interviews Giedra.


What were the reasons you have to choose the way?

When I was a three-year old child I said to my parents said: "I want a violin." Thus began a typical and boring life of musician. Once Paganini blurt: "I was crazy for the violin and taught in addition to let ..."


Why did the violin become the main instrument? In addition, it played, and not song ... Does the violin have led to create an instrumental music, or have already been determined and it was found in most ordinary situations?

I can not agree with the statement "played, and not song." Paganini said to his father, a violin is the king of instruments which sing. "God, how much suffering, pain in four chords", - wrote F. Listas. Obviously, the instrument does not speak in words, but it is not necessary. In this place I could criticize simple and empty popsong texts, but probably it would be a new thing. 
Music was created for me and their overall Djoxi project "absinth." This is a very long and hard work, we had been working for two years. True, the result pleases.


You are performing with specifically designed and manufactured an electric violin. What is the violin's history, why is not enough simply violin?

I respect and love Stradivarijaus sophisticated wooden wonders, however, several reasons led to choose an electric instrument. In particular, I wanted to use the increasingly growing audio processor, equalizer, reverber and other opportunities. Of course, I could sound recording acoustic violin, but he is very loud in itself. Natural and sound processor treated one another, hinder, and in this case, quiet instrument advantages. In addition, the electric instrument sound tembro not restrict sounding – board size, so it can have a 5-7 chords, sounding like alto, viola or bass. Agree - it is a great asset. I had to adjust the playback equipment, but the thumb can slide the whole fiddle to the bridge. It is easier to play better. After all, playing the acoustic violin is keeped with chin. This limits the movements, tormented my neck, back, arm. Another advantage of the electric violin - it is made of carbon fiber, therefore, resistant to shocks, humidity and temperature changes. Manufacturers of electric violins, more or less mimics the traditional violin. I would mention Markas Vudas "Vaiperio“ case, but he is a man, since all are based on the weight of the breasts. Therefore, my husband decided to develop and produce the best variant for me. Started long draft, design, layout, experimentation with materials, testing, errors, and again draft years. Perhaps the only Nikola Bussotti added more love creating red violin. As far as I know, my violin is the only one in the world which you do not need to keep with the chin, has a bridge with a built-in microphone for each string and vulture liking the regulatory framework.


How is instrumental music demand nowadays? Do the creator and performer can live from this?

I am not a rich person, but I it is enough to live from it.


Your style of music you are performing is called "absinth." In the last album tracks figures famous names of artists (Modiljanio, Picasso, Gogeno) . Can you tell us more about the music and style, both on the same concept, when combined with the rhythm of the violin?


Absinth - English warmwood, we called pelynas name. Our grandmothers fumigated huts that expel evil spirits. The divine afflatus book notices: "Then the sky fell a great star blazing brand and fell on a third of the river and the water sources. The stars name is wormwood. And a third of the waters became wormwood to ... "work" absinth ". I wanted to tell the story about how in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries wormwood flooded France, the major parts of Europe and America. Also to show a rapidly changing culture, painting, literature, and the attitude of world overwhelmed by bohemia. Vincent van Gogh lived in Arlis and continuously enjoyed the drink made from tihis plant . Thujone which is the component in the plant foment and changes of light and color perception. Thus is born a huge sun and the stars over the vast green field cafes. Gogenas Taityje find paradise, complete topless lemon-colored girls. Picasa launches its deep opal-colored period. Hemingway fights with the green sea. "Impregnate Absento yesterday and performing tricks with a knife. Especially good to go out, throw it into some grand "- he wrote. Is this a new approach to music (smile). Uses many pieces of contemporary dance music: hip-hop, elektrohauso, the minimum elements. Adding a violin part got a new style, called "absinth."


You say that you are not ashamed of street musician's name. Is the musician not ashamed of performance of their works to bystanders? You should agree that in Lithuania the level of understanding this kind of music is not high, and often want to pass through the musician, nor to stop ...


I do not want to agree with this opinion. Is the musician playing on stage, or on the street, it did not state anything about his talent. I was listening musicians in London, Riga, and in the streets of Palanga and it was really amazing performers. I wanted not only to stop, but take off my shoes.


But still when we hear your music, we remember Vanessa Mae. How such a person is acceptable to the juxtaposition?


Vanessa Mae is very talented virtuosos. The concerts are impressive for the orchestra, the dancers, the scene look and feel, but the younger generation no longer sit quietly and listen to the hall. They want to dance. At this time, I use DJ equipment, allowing to enjoy the latest rhythmes that allow to mix and „scratch“ music during the concert.

Do you dream about glory, success, recognition? Maybe music is not the most important thing in life?


Of course I dream of fame, success and recognition, but the most important thing in my life is Family.